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The leading company in door-to-door sales and marketing
The leading company in door-to-door sales and marketing

Appco Group Asia is a part of the Appco Group, a world leader in direct sales and marketing solutions. With over 800 locations in 28 different countries across the globe, our collective experience makes us experts in the field of door-to-door sales.

Our door-to-door marketing and fundraising teams speak directly to our clients’ potential customers and donors at their homes and places of work. This helps to create a connection within our clients’ target market and secure hundreds of thousands of new customers and donors for them every year.


Door-to-door sales and fundraising experts

We take pride in helping to add value to our clients’ businesses and charity partners’ campaigns and our trusted door-to-door method is proven to secure the very best results.

Through the Appco Human CommericalTM, a face-to-face meeting with a prospective customer or donor is an opportunity to provide a human touch to the sales or fundraising message. Our professional, highly-trained teams not only present a product or fundraising service for our clients, but they also answer any questions, close a sale and leave a lasting and favourable impression.

Our door-to-door strategy is so successful that last year in Singapore, we sold over 48,000 services, which generated approximately SD$92 million for our commercial client Singtel.

Door-to-door sales and fundraising experts