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Direct sales and marketing

Direct sales and marketing

As Asia’s industry leader in direct sales and marketing, Appco Group Asia is committed to providing the very best in field sales solutions and fundraising services. Every day across the world we speak to more than one million people, which helps’ us to create a connection with our clients’ target market and secure hundreds of thousands of new customers for them every year.


Proven direct marketing solutions

Established in 1995, Appco Group Asia operates across eight industries in Asia and 14 industries worldwide and we are expanding year-on-year. Our proven face-to-face direct sales methods have seen us deliver more than US$4 billion in revenue to our clients globally every year via the new customers and donors we acquire for them. We provide dedicated and highly trained professional teams that represent a variety of businesses through various channels, and as a result of our extensive client network, Appco Group Asia has become one of the most progressive direct sales and marketing companies in the world.

Proven direct marketing solutionss