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The Appco Group is recognised as one of the leading sales and marketing companies in the world today.

Based on five continents in 28 countries, Appco delivers hundreds of thousands of new customers to its clients on a daily basis and has developed a comprehensive results-driven sales campaign framework that combined with our unique outcome base fee structure is proven time and time again to be the most cost effective channel in the marketing mix. Over the last 25 years we have developed significant expertise in the face-to-face sales industry and have invested heavily in developing our business to provide our clients with not only exceptional returns on their investment but also demonstrated results and outcomes from the campaigns we deliver.

From our five and eight steps sales methodology, Human Commercial™, industry-leading sales coaching system, leadership and management academies, territory planning and management systems, campaign planning and management, unique product testing and market assessment programmes through to our quality assurance system and our state-of-the-art back office processing centres in 28 countries, we not only achieve results for our clients we often partner with them on their journey to develop and grow their businesses.

The Appco Group is recognised as one of the leading sales and marketing companies in the world today.


Global Reach, Local Knowledge

From humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia over the last 25 years Appco has expanded across the globe and today has over 800 locations in 28 countries on five continents. We deliver more than one million human commercials every day and deliver hundreds of thousands of new customers for our clients every week of the year.

With the ability to draw on worldwide experience and trends we have expanded with the full knowledge and plan to maintain the local expertise in each city, province, region and country. This local approach with local experts ensures we understand the local business environment and more importantly the local people we interact with everyday. This leads to getting the best results from each campaign we conduct.

Appco is also able to provide our clients with the ability to tap into our global experience and expertise in specific industry sectors. For example we are able to put a telecommunications director in an emerging market in touch with a peer in a more advanced mature market. We will continue to leverage our global knowledge and experience to add value to local campaigns.

Our most recent operations have expanded into South Korea, Russia, Brazil, China, US and Canada with more countries planned to open in 2015 and 2016.

Human Commercial

Human Commercial™

Chris Niarchos, Chairman and Founder of the Cobra Group of Companies and the Appco Group developed the Human Commercial™ and changed the face-to-face sales and marketing industry forever.

A face-to-face meeting with a prospective customer is an opportunity to provide a human touch to the sales and marketing message and what better way than a professional, fully-trained person to not only present a product or service but also answer any questions, close a sale and leave a lasting and favourable impression.

The Human Commercial™ ensures that individuals are engaged in two way conversations about their needs and requirements with the ability to make the choice that's right for them with the peace of mind they're talking with a fellow human being and not a smartphone application, website or automated call centre. Our professional agents are able to answer questions right there and then and explain the features and benefits of what the customer is buying.

Face-to-face was the original channel and we believe will be the only channel that will stand the test of time. People talking to people is what the world will always be about and our Human Commercial™ guarantees that in a world of electronic media and faceless one-way marketing, people talking to people will remain the most effective way to market and sell products and services.

The Appco Group has stood the test of time and our unique Human Commercial™ and sales management programme has demonstrated time and time again for over a quarter of a century that a customer who is acquired via the face-to-face channel ultimately performs the best when compared to other acquisition channels.


Campaign Management

Appco has delivered hundreds of successful campaigns over the years and has developed considerable expertise in the planning, set up, execution and management of customer acquisition and product sales campaigns.

From the initial exploratory meeting to identify potential opportunities to work together through to our campaign implementation planning workshops, the Appco team works very closely with our clients to ensure we design, develop and roll out a campaign that achieves its objectives. Our professional campaign project managers conduct detailed campaign planning workshops to ensure they understand our clients objectives and develop everything required to conduct an initial test campaign. We can also provide financial modelling to demonstrate the value of our channel and campaign investment returns.

Appco also has a full service creative design team that specialises in the development of sales materials and collateral. So, right from day one we ensure brands are represented properly and professionally.

Our unique approach to testing and validating campaigns includes comprehensive 'live' customer feedback, as well as testing what works and what doesn't work in selling the service or product. Once the initial campaign has been completed we regroup with our client and present the results and findings in the test. We use a collaborative approach to ensure that the campaign roll out is meticulously planned and set up for success from day one.


Vital Statistics

We're enormously proud of our achievements and the value we add to the global business community and the global community at large. Here is a snapshot of some of our key numbers and some key achievements over the last 25 years:

We pioneered the face-to-face customer acquisition industry in the services sector in Australia over 25 years ago
Since then we have expanded into 28 countries on 5 continents
We deliver hundreds of thousands of new customers every day of every week
New customers
We have acquired more than 10 million energy customers and more than 12 million telecommunications customers on behalf of our clients worldwide
10 million energy customers & 12 million telecommunications customers
We provide a unique and fantastic opportunity for motivated people of all ages to develop their careers locally, regionally and internationally
Provide a unique and fantastic opportunity
Appco was a major contributor to BSkyB delivering its 10 millionth customer in the UK in 2010
Over 10,000 people rely on Appco to earn their living on a daily basis
10,000 people rely on Appco
Human Commercial
We introduced the Human Commercial™, which has been the standard in the face-to-face sales and marketing industry
10,000 sales representatives
We currently have more than 10,000 sales representatives who deliver over 1 million human commercials every day
Raised over $US 1 billion
We have raised over US$1 billion for our fundraising clients over the last seven years contributing to the needs of the less fortunate global community and victims of natural disasters
Australian Paralympic Committee
More than 80 per cent of the Australian Paralympic Committee's total fundraising revenue has been generated via the Appco Group Sports team
Australian Power & Gas
Appco is a major contributor to Australian Power & Gas, which has been crowned Australia's Fastest Growing Company
12 major industry sectors & 60 major clients across the globe
Appco works across 12 major industry sectors and has in excess of 60 major clients across the globe
$US4 billion per annum
Appco delivers in excess of US$4 billion per annum in customer revenue for its major clients