Li Zhi Jia

Li Zhi Jia

Senior Promoting Owner & Product Head (Telecommunications)

Sirius Star Marketing


Jia graduated university with a background in chemical engineering. He joined Appco in 2008 with the intention of working for six months before resuming his studies.

Jia stayed with Appco beyond six months and what attracted him to stay was the fun environment and enthusiastic people. Jia worked on Personal Recruiting to help build his team. His hard work, determination and perseverance paid off when he received his promotion to Ownership in 2009 a year after joining the company. He subsequently took over the role of Product Head for the Telecommunications Residential division.

Jia received the Owner of the Year Award in 2012 and was promoted to Senior Promoting Owner in the same year. Currently, his organisation has a headcount of 130 Field Representatives with five Owner Partners on his team across three campaigns.