Appco Group Asia

Appco Group Asia is part of the Appco Group which has more than 800 locations in 28 countries, making Appco one of the most progressive direct sales and marketing companies in the world.

Globally we deal with a wide range of products and services in more than 10 industries including telecommunications, pay TV, broadband, insurance, fundraising, consumer products, energy, home efficiency, home security, financial services, training and education courses, sports marketing, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Every day we speak to more than one million people and deliver hundreds of thousands of new customers for our blue chip and charity client base.

Appco Group Asia was established in 1995 by Vice President James Greaves in Malaysia, where the headquarters for the region is based. Appco Group Asia spans across seven countries; Singapore in 1999, followed by Indonesia in 2006, Thailand in 2007, The Philippines in 2008, and Hong Kong in 2010. The newest country to join the Appco Group Asia umbrella is South Korea that opened in 2012. With over 2,000 sales representatives in the field, Appco Group Asia is the region's leading face-to-face marketing company.

Appco Group Indonesia

Appco Group Indonesia was established in 2006 by Michael Moore as Country Head of Indonesia. The company has five locations in Indonesia, which are Jakarta (Head office), Kemang Raya, Pondok Indah, BSD City and Bali. The company’s major clients comprise from both the charity and commercial sectors.

Appco is one of the most progressive direct sales and marketing companies in the world.

office indonesia

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be the pre-eminent face-to-face marketing organisation in our chosen territories providing our customers with ever increasing market share delivered through professional, fun and cost effective partnerships while ensuring our people have an ever increasing opportunity to develop themselves and their careers.


Our Brand Promise

At Appco Group Asia we place our clients at the centre of everything we do. We make a commitment to them through our brand promise of risk free customer acquisition, guaranteed return-on-investment and brand enhancement.

Risk-free Customer Acquisition
Risk Free Customer Acquisition
Our clients only pay for the customers or donors we deliver, ensuring risk-free customer acquisition. This is our key differentiator as most advertising and marketing companies require upfront investment; where there is little guarantee that it will work.
Guaranteed Return on Investment
Guaranteed Return on Investment
Quality interactions, creates quality customers and donors resulting in high value returns for the companies and charities we represent. In addition, working with Appco creates a return on investment, anything from four to 12 times, depending on the customer or client we work with.
Brand Builders
Brand Enhancement
We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times. We deliver unrivalled brand enhancement and superior quality customers and donors for our clients. We are without doubt the best company in the world at delivering high volume sales, while still leaving every customer we interact with positive, regardless of whether they become a customer/donor or not.

7 Core Values

Self Starters, Self Reliant, Ask and it shall be done. If we need help we'll ask for it, otherwise we'll prove it.
• We own the problem
• I own the problem
• Problem solved

Integrity & Honesty
At the heart of our culture is a commitment to fulfill our promises, be transparent and do the right thing by the clients, our partners and our people each and every time there is the opportunity.
Taking on Challenges
Like a muscle we all need stretching to grow to our full potential. We thrive on the challenge of delivering a great product to the clients time and time again. We believe in promising when we know we can and then over delivering as often as we can. Whether it's new territories, new products or new people joining the team we always look forward to what's next.
Passion for Our People, Our Product & Our Customers
If we don't have the passion for it, no-one else will. We want to create great first impressions and indelible lasting ones on everyone who comes into contact with us. We have an incredible opportunity for all involved with our organisation but without passion there is no key to start the engine.
Self Improvement
We all deserve the opportunity to improve ourselves and whether it be through building a new relationship or pushing our skills to another level, it's something that we actively encourage.
Celebrating Our Results & Achievements
Achieve together, celebrate together. Setting goals, focusing ourselves on the job at hand and then coming together as a team to make it happen deserves recognition. Our success is to be shared by everyone that contributes towards it. Let's celebrate every goal set and target achieved while remembering we can always do even better the next time.
Open Communication & Respect
Our policy is open door communication. No opinion will be dismissed and no disagreement will go unheard. We respect each other in the work place and outside it and we appreciate that while we all may be different we are one in this endeavour.

Appco Business Academy

Appco Business Academy is a virtual business school, housed on an Appco Asia branded learning and reporting platform provided by UK based, internationally recognised UpSkill People.

"We selected Upskill People's courses and learning platform because of their innovation and experience in delivering courses that make a real difference to our people".
James Greaves

We have created a dedicated online induction course called Appco Business Academy Sell (ABA Sell), which combines e-learning, face-to-face training and supporting materials to create a superior blended learning experience. ABA Sell focuses on providing learners with a comprehensive, innovative induction programme, basic sales skills, client knowledge and top tips for success.

Appco Business Academy

ABA Sell is available on any device; mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. This is hugely advantageous to new joiners as ABA Sell can be accessed anytime, anywhere, which provides flexibility, convenience and empowers people to take the initiative and dictate their own learning activities.

The latest addition to the Appco Business Academy is Knowledge Base. This is a business focused internal alternative to social media that provides bite sized pieces of knowledge from ABA Sell and other learning sources. People have the option of reviewing topics, creating a 'my hot list' for quick reference to their favourite topics, voting or adding comments. Information from Knowledge Base can be accessed post induction, throughout a person's career to reinforce and promote on-going learning and development.

If you have login details to your personal Appco Business Academy account, please follow the link provided.

If you are interested in joining Appco Group Asia, please go to our careers section; fill in a short profile or complete a short one-way video interview and one of our dedicated recruitment specialists will be in touch with you shortly.